What if every destination felt like home?


We're travelers that love to arrive with our culinary needs met. No matter where our travels take us ~we like to feel as though we are walking into our very own home kitchen!



My name is Julie and my husband Scott and I relocated from California~ natives through and through we are ready to slow down, live more, and embrace the second half of our lives here in the beautiful mountains of McCall. We have both worked in the entertainment industry for over 25 years with the likes of Clooney, Pitt, Winslet, The Rock & Wahlberg to name a few! And, with the finest catering companies to appease a multitude of palettes amongst hundreds of working crew. This is where I became interested in food and preparation….. I collaborated with Tom Cruise’s catering company on countless recipes and how to eat healthier while working a 14 hour filming day…….Most of these jobs were filmed out of California and on location and required manifesting a creative edge to healthier eating.

Meanwhile, Scott and I embraced our healthier lifestyle and found it very satisfying to eat greener and organic. We eat, 90% home cooked, vegan, vegetarian and responsibly farmed and grass fed meals. When we travel we take the time to shop locally to appease our cooking desires. This passion is what motivated the vision for Home Sweet Home, McCall so I can begin to share it with you, as you and your loved ones travel and nest in your home away from home. I Can’t wait to meet you and bring to you what we love so dearly! Ps... our French bulldog Iggy even eats “Just Food for Dogs," Yes human food! Why wouldn’t he?