After your travels, nestle into your home away from home with our personal delivery espousing a farm to table appeal which includes local meats, cheeses, organics, farmers market fresh fruits and vegetables & spirits which you personally choose. Our goal is to equip you with a worry-free kitchen with the likes of your culinary desires and preferences to set up your first few days of your stay! In Spring, you can choose to enhance your environment with regional flower bouquets, and in winter we can provide fire logs for your warming pleasures.

We also provide a resort style turn down service and will adjust Thermostat/Air conditioning temperatures to appeal your perfect comfort zone.

Our Service Offerings

Catering to our Second Home Owners, and Seasonal visitors, We will initiate &Establish your Account/Personal Profile ($300.00  flat) and Build your very own culinary itinerary which will be referenced for your future visits to McCall. Our goals are to establish a thorough rolodex with our very unique and individual private clientele (2 hours required) to build so we can interact and modify as needs and seasons change.

Establish Profile


Local Shop


Distant Shop

A Warm Welcome


Complimentary Initial thirty-minute consultation to discuss your expectations and our service fees customized per client! Whether you prefer a Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian, and/or Dairy-free cuisine, we cater 100% for your needs and preferences.  We even shop our local farms here in McCall for fresh eggs and grass-fed meats (when available).

We welcome you with our personal echelon services and look forward to meeting you!

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